A small, lightweight program which allows you to assign hotkeys to any combination of a list of pre-defined functions.
These functions allow you to target a specific window, or the currently active window, and modify it in a few different ways. You can set the size and position, remove or restore borders and zoom a window to one of your monitors.
The reason this program came about was to enable games that lack a borderless windowed mode to pull off the "fake fullscreen" effect that it provides. Previously I'd have to rely on multiple hotkey scripts, but this is much more efficient.


Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
.NET 3.5
Change Log
Version 0.7
Pretty huge patch here. Extensively tested (in that I forgot that I had been using it for almost half a year now. xD)
-All configs now using flatfiles instead of .Net's crappy serialization. Quicker to open and a LOT smaller to store with no future compatability issues. Yay.
This does mean that no data from previous versions will carry over into this version, but it's worth it. Sorry. =P
-We now have an installer version which is completely compliant with UAC. Yay, no more UAC errors. (Portable version is still available, of course.)

New Stuff:
-Added a "Start Hidden" checkbox, which is off by default so that new users actually see the program start. xD
-Added new expected paramater to Target:
"$ASK" The ask parameter will bring up the target window on hotkey runtime, allowing you to select a window to run the hotkey on. Useful for games that eat global hotkeys. Can alt tab, and still target the game without having to make it it's own dedicated hotkey.
-Probably more. I forget, it's been a while.
Version 0.6
-Couple of small bugfixes (hopefully.)
-Stored parameters on closed windows now clear themselves. Memory leaks are baad.
Version 0.5
-Fixed an issue with the remove button not working properly in the hotkey editor.
-Added a new function (Parameters)

This new function allows you to store a windows current parameters and restore them at a later time. Call it before changing any parameters for full effect.
Store - Stores parameters if none are already stored.
FStore - Stores parameters, overwriting any that already exist.
Restore - Applies stored parameters to window and clears.
Version 0.4
-Added three new useless requested functions. Located in the main window context menu. Move up, move down, clone.
-Added version checking and new version alert box, can be dismissed, told to skip version or bring you here to get it.
Version 0.3
-Fixed the UI not scaling well.
-Fixed some bugs on starting with Windows.
Version 0.2
-Made it... Work.
Version 0.1
-Initial Release